Holly’s wall-flowers Backdrop

Holly Wallflowers Header

It took me a while, more than two years, but I finally published it.
The first time I saw the wall flowers I immediately thought that I would put them in my daughter’s room. I looked for them around the internet, but I didn’t find any budget solution around. Then I found this blog, thanks to pinterest.com, that had/has the solution: www.billiemonster.com/…/monster-printables-paper-wallflowers-make-me-happy. So, all the credits goes to billiemonster for the whole concept. I used the flower template and followed those steps and just add some little modifications.

Tip/Warning: about the how-to append them on a wall it may vary on your wall, since I learned to my expense that brick walls have different behaviors within their own surface, so beware, one flower never fall but the other will on a weekly basis 🙂
So, keep in mind the weight of the paper could affect the resistance of the glue/scotch tape/whatever against the your wall. That, if you, as me, stubbornly refuse to use pins or nails. (I’m also saying it in regard to another project, my son’s backdrop, that is on hold right now due to these setbacks).

Well, that’s enough chit-chat, so open the images to see how I did it.